1. Don’t forget your ancestors

    On 1st of October 1949, Mao Zedong declared the National Day of the People’s Republic of China after a string of military victories over the forces of Chiang Ka Shek.
    The day of national rebirth.

    Photo: Huan Zhang, Foam (12) 1998.


  2. What a Man!

    You could have heard this saying when Michelangelo’s David was unveiled in Florence 510 years ago today. A symbol of strength and youthful human beauty and thus a symbol for this free and self-confident city.


  3. Association with September 1?

    1939 of course, start of World War II, but 1941 – a German decree obliged all Jews within Germany and occupied states to wear the yellow badge on the left side of one’s chest.This visual distinction made all Jews open to Nazi actions and was a further element in the policy of extermination.

    Photo work: Christian Boltanski, Les élèves de l’école secondaire juive de la Grosse Hamburger Strasse Berlin, Avril 1938


  4. Both photos by Herbert Döring-Spengler
    Titles: J. Hendrix, 1998 and Nuditäten Madonna 5, 2000.


  5. Who killed this man?

    The attempt on Hitler’s life on 20 July 1944 by Operation Valkyre was one of several occasions that someone tried to kill Hitler in order to overthrow this dictatorial regime.
    But it also demonstrates that only a few citizens were willing to take action and showed a clear sign of resistance.

    Who killed this man - finally he killed himself.

    Photo: Pit Kroke, Stop Shot #8, 1997.


  6. The Emperors/Kaiser without Clothes

    Two icons, both heroes of football, still highly admired for their ingenious moments on the field, but sometimes known for their irritating statements in political interviews – situations in which one would simply wish them a moment’s silence.

    Enjoy the games…

    Photo: Volker Hinz, Pelé und Franz Beckenbauer unter der Dusche,
    F. Lauderdale, 1977.


  7. The Fragility of Freedom of Speech

    Commemorating the 25th anniversary of China’s Tiananmen disaster, Teutloff Museum would like to face you with two photos reflecting the consequences of political oppression.

    Both photos by Dario Mitidieri
    Title: Beijing, 1989



    (Source: teutloff.net)


  8. Pride comes before a fall

    as part of the ‘Political Statements’ series

    Original: Caspar David Friedrich
    Polar Sea, also known as ‘The Wreck of Hope’
    (1823 - 1824) Oil on canvas

    Interpretation: Lutz Teutloff


  9. - “Untitled”, from Sex Picture Series, CINDY SHERMAN, 1992

    - "Venus Restored" Man Ray, 1936/1971

    - "The Doll" Hans Bellmer, 1933-36

    as part of the exhibition ‘Le Surréalisme et l’objet’,

    Centre Pompidou, Paris.


  10. The drawings of Sandra Vásquez de la Horra raise questions. Photographic works from the Teutloff Collection give answers. A fascinating body-based dialogue unfolds on all facets of human existence.